Just A Single Dose Of CBD Successfully Lowers Blood Pressure

Stress. Lifestyle choices. Genetics. All of these can have an effect on our blood pressure and whether or not we might develop high blood pressure (aka hypertension) in the future. Making healthier choices can help lower the odds, but now there’s another way we might possibly be able to lower our blood pressure: CBD

In a small study conducted at the University of Nottingham, a group of men were each given a single 600mg dose of CBD extract. Results showed that a decrease in the resting blood pressure had occurred, as well as a lowered effect on blood pressure from external sources of stress. The findings could be attributable to CBD’s known anti-anxiety and pain management abilities.

The news is definitely encouraging, but the researchers made it clear that more studies would be necessary in order to determine the viability of CBD as a treatment for hypertension or any potential positive direct effects on cardiovascular tissue.

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