Natural CBD Oil Versus Synthetic Alternatives

As Cannabidiol, in particular, CBD oil benefits emerge, pharmaceutical companies are paying attention to this versatile plant extract with their own synthetic alternatives. Are synthetic cannabis products as beneficial as real CBD? The true answer may lie in years of research and further studies ahead. For now, it makes sense to consider these as viable options, and to continue to find applications and effectiveness of cannabis, including the many health benefits of CBD oil.

Synthetic alternatives

Pharmaceutical companies are getting in on the medicinal cannabis industry by offering prescription variations, primarily synthetic versions of CBD. The process involved in actually getting a prescription for synthetic cannabis may prove as challenging as those that advocate for medicinal marijuana: it simply is not endorsed by many providers and is inaccessible in many regions. Some synthetic products include marinol, a pill, which may not provide the time-released relief that CBD oil products can. Overall, the natural plant extracted CBD has outperformed synthetic versions in research studies.

Sativa and Indica

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant in controlled grow environments. Selective breeding is used to create variations of cannabis indica and sativa that contain increased amounts of CBD for differing effects. With the proper extraction processes, a grower can produce plants to treat a variety of illnesses or symptoms before it is processed into oil. There are distinct differences between these two strainsns and knowledgeable growers will merge plants to become hybrids with optimal medicinal value, pairing the pain-relief qualities of sativa with the calming properties of indica strains.

Whole-plant arguments

The intricacies of the cannabis growing process allow for more fine-tuning and a broader breadth of benefits than a single, synthetic CBD compound. It is argued that whole plant extractions offer more health advantages and a wider range of applications than a synthetic alternative. This whole-plant argument has been researched, and a recent study in Israel showed that CBD in its natural form as a whole plant extract is superior over synthetic CBD compounds in treatment.

Future considerations

Benefits and applications for CBD continue to emerge. Some exciting future applications of CBD oil include addiction, acne, fibromyalgia, and even mad-cow disease. CBD offers a gentler option of treatment, without the side-effects of prescription medications. Future growers of cannabis and CBD manufacturers are turning their attention to organic CBD to preserve and maintain the integrity of their products. These organic products are environmental friendly and maintain the inherent nutrients of the plant, have fewer chemicals, and less overall processing, which can impact the efficacy and quality of the Cannabis.

The future of CBD oil in relation to holistic wellness are bright, and it makes sense that big pharma will want to benefit from this amazing treatment option. Talk with your physician about the advantages of integrating CBD oil in your recovery plan, as well as for preventative measures that may prevent serious illness later on. Take time to review, read, and make informed decisions when buying CBD oil products to ensure you are getting quality medication from reputable manufacturers.

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