CBD Oil Is Effective Against Epilepsy Major Test Shows

For the first time, a major study with a large number of participants has shown that CBD, the non-psychotropic compound in cannabis sativa, is an effective treatment for a particularly severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome.

Children in both the US and Europe who suffer from the condition were given a liquid form of cannabidiol along with their usual anti-seizure medication. Dravet usually manifests at an early age and causes frequent seizures, some of which can be so severe that they require hospitalization.

Between the CBD group and a control group given a placebo, the group taking CBD saw a significant reduction in the number of seizures experienced in a month and some even had zero seizures while taking it. Children in the control group saw no change in their condition. Previously, only smaller studies and anecdotal evidence had provided the proof that CBD could be used to effectively treat certain conditions, like epilepsy. Now there is legitimate hard science to back up those claims.

There are currently follow up studies being conducted to confirm CBDs effect on Dravet Syndrome as well as other forms of epilepsy.

Full Study

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