Can CBD Enhance Your Yoga Session?

Yoga is a fantastic way to practice physical and mental equilibrium, but would incorporating cannabis sativa into the equation help or hinder our ability to find balance?

Some practitioners might consider the psychotropic effects of THC a hurdle to properly achieving an inner focus while doing yoga. But if we look back through the history of yoga, we find that cannabis is integrally tied to one of the Hindu gods commonly considered to be the spiritual origin of the practice.

According to Hindu lore, the god Shiva discovered the effects of cannabis sativa and shared it with the world. Shiva is known as the “Lord of Bhanga”, a mixture of cannabis, milk, and spices that is popular in India.

But for those seeking to gain the potential benefits while avoiding the psychotropic effects of THC, CBD might provide a welcome alternative to boosting your yoga sessions. CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system, which assists our own body’s ability to maintain balance. Together, our ECS and CBD could enhance your next yoga session. As one yoga practitioner put it,

“Practice wise, I felt much more in the flow, moving easily between postures and during sun salutation. I felt more grounded and strong. Case in point being the balance standing leg postures from the Ashtanga Series 1 that usually have been wobbling like a jelly before tumbling to the ground after a couple of breaths. Today I felt steady and strong, wobble kept at a minimum, lasting five breaths in every posture.”

So consider adding some hemp-oil extract to your prep before the next time you roll out your mat.

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