A Different Approach To Pain Management

As athletes, pain management is just as much a part of our routine as reps and PRs. ‘No pain, no gain’ isn’t just a catchy phrase – it’s the truth.

When it comes to handling the unexpected tweaks and sprains that come with pushing our bodies as far as they can go, it can be easy to seek out the usual OTC remedies at our local pharmacy, but it’s important to consider that fact that even though those drugs are easy to buy, they should be taken just as seriously as something that requires a prescription.

Dr. Christopher Prince has been a practicing physician for 33 years, and as he puts it, “…I’ve never seen anyone come in with a pure problem from a marijuana overdose,…, I’ve worked in the ER enough, I’ve seen [more] people who need liver transplants from Tylenol overdose.”

It’s a stark reminder of the side effects of using OTC pain killers to handle our pain management needs.

With the growing scientific evidence showing the potential for CBD to act as an analgesicthis is more than enough reason to start considering alternative approaches for our daily pain management needs.

While Dr. Prince admits that the efficacy of cannabis sativa and its derivatives in inhibiting pain is still word of mouth for the most part, he has seen his patients experience positive effects, and that’s food for thought for anyone who wants to avoid relying on opioids to quell their sore muscles or sprains.


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